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 why do they sterilize needles for lethal injections?

 Life with an artificial eye?
Has anyone on here had an eye enucleated and been fitted with an artificial one?
My 2 year old daughter has had an eye removal op and is awaiting a prosthetic one. I'm just curious about ...

 What causes leg cramps?
I am 15 and I get leg cramps two to three nights a week when I am sleeping. It feels like my calf muscle is going to explode...what causes this?
Additional Details
I drink tons of water ...

 Severe pain in my shoulder...?
I have severe pain in my left shoulder that is moving up my neck and down my arm. I also have pins and needles feeling in the painful area. This does not feel like muscle pain and there is nothing ...

 Good verses Bad about Marijuana.?
So I know that there are bad things that marijuana can do and also some good things.

What are some examples of both?...

 Smoking and Chantix?
My husband and I are using Chantix to stop smoking. I must say it's the best thing we've tried so far and feel very hopeful for the first time in years that we can actually do this!

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My hands are sticky even if I wash them and stuff... its been like this for like 5 days and its really annoying me? IS something wrong with it or something?...

 Will i get sick? PLEASE READ!!!!!?
I did the stupidest thing. I swollowed a lip ring, and drank about 5 -10 capfuls of hydrogen peroxide to throw it up.
Sticking my finger down my throat was not working, and i remembered that ...

 Alcohol vs Marijuana?

Which is more impairing?

I find alcohol much more ...

 Painful ear ache?
Every now and again I get a really really bad ear ache. I had this ear ache today too. It is really painful, like a flashing pain and the pain is so intense that when it happens, it makes me jump. Is ...

 Muscles and body mass built by free-hand exercises incl. dips & floor press lasts forever? Myth or Reality ?
A lot of people say, muscles and body structure built through rigerous free hand power exercises lasts forever, even if you discontinue to workout, while those people who work out with instruments in ...

 Dizzy and disorientated, can anyone suggest what is going on here?
I am not a heavy drinker or a regular drinker but if I do go out to a bar or pub with friends and have a moderate amount to drink I am ok then and the morning after. No hang overs or headaches or ...

 Do you get random shudders/shivers?
I sometimes will just be sitting still not even thinking particularly about anything, and my body will tense and I'll shudder, my hair will all stand up, and then it will go away. I'm 100% ...

 i cant stop hiccuping?
what should i do to stop hiccuping iv been like this for about 3 hours it really ...

 why can't i get high ?
I have recently visited Amesterdam, I tried some weed it was of the best quality but yet i did not get high i am wondering why is that, i have smoked and inhaled it properly but everyone got high ...

 what is the secret for long life?
what is the secret for long life?...

 Should we see a doctor?
Few minutes ago, I made a smoothie for me and a friend. But after I had finished making them, we decided some orange juice would give an extra kick. But when I opened the bottle, the orange juice ...

 please, whats d fastest and best way to get rid of marijuana in ur system b4 drugs test?
how long will it take to flush it out of my system. never smoked in my life. just took a drag and nxt thing, i have to have a drug test.......

 Help........i need to stop stop drinking??
what foods and supplements will help my body recover after a few long months of binge drinking?...

 I play basketball and have asthma, is there anything I can do besides using my inhaler?

Is working out right before bed bad for the body?
I live a very busy life. Generally I am so exhausted after a day out and about I nap when I get home. I nap about 2 times a week. If I don't nap I veg and relax.
That means I do my work out at night. Mostly I do it a half hour before I go to sleep because that is when I get my second wind.
Is that bad for my body? Should I switch the two (if I even can)? Working out doesn't keep me awake I go right to sleep.

However I want to know if working out before bed is more efficient than earlier in the day or is it all the same?

I don't think so. I always work out from 9:30-10:30pm, then take a shower and go to bed by 11. I find that I sleep better then.. If I exercise from say 6-7, and then go to bed at 11, I don't sleep well at all.

it's all the same, in fact it helps a lot of people sleep better


No, thats perfectly fine!! Its okay if you do your excersice nightly. It doesnt affect your body in any way, you just rest easier becuase you are more tired, and you go to bed faster...But, make sure that you dont work out in the morning, like right when you wake up. I dont think thats good, becuase thats when your body is still waking up and, you have to go slow with everything, not give it more pressure and work out! So what your doing, is perfectly fine! =

It's usually better to work out in the morning after you wake up better it helps you stretch out your muscles which is good because it helps you start your day. However, working out before you go to bed is not necessarily bad for your body it just might make it harder for you to go to sleep because it increase your metabolism and might make you restless. But since you say you don't really have trouble going to sleep, I don't think it's that important. And since you wait 1/2 an hour before you go to bed, I think it wouldn't affect you anyways! Hope that helps!

The best time to work out is the time that consistently fits into your schedule and enhances your day instead of disrupting it. There is no physiological benefit to working out at a particular time of day, so choose a time that you know you can stick with.

Some people have better luck getting their workout done in the morning, before they have time to make excuses for not doing it. Other people don't feel very motivated in the morning, or find that a workout is a great way to blow off the tension after work, so they choose to do their workouts in the evening. And still others have the luxury of being able to escape to a trail or gym at their lunch hour and get their exercise. So don't worry about what time of day you're getting your workout in, as long as you are getting it in.

One tip if you switch to morning workouts, though, is to eat a small, carbohydrate-rich snack as soon as you wake up. Overnight, your body uses up almost all the carbohydrate stored in your liver, and this is your brain's primary source of blood sugar. A PowerBar and glass of orange juice, or a bagel and a piece of fruit will give you the carbohydrate you need to get through a high-quality morning workout. Afterwards, eat a normal breakfast, with plenty of whole grain carbohydrates, to replenish your energy and power the rest of your day.

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