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 Is it ok to pee in the shower?
I am a Girl and I sometimes pee myself when I'm having a shower. Is it ok? I can't hold it in!...

 What exactly are hiccups?
I've had many cases of hiccups, but I don't even really know what they are....

 My hair falls out a lot..am i lacking a nutrient/vitamin?

 It feels like a Chronic Cold. When will the madness stop!?
I've been sick for the past 17 days (yes, I've counted because this is getting ridiculous) and I've had a nice cough to go along with this for 13 days. I have seen a doctor but she ...

 I need some help plz?
My throat is all dry,scratchy, and it burns,I have a little cough.
I can't take medicine cause all the stores are closed near here.
what should I do?
any ideas?
plz help

 quit smoking?
My son is 12 and he smokes cigarettes, cigars, marijuana, and cigarillos like theres no tomorrow!!!! i have taken him to jail, hes been locked up for 24 hours, he just doesnt get the clue.. i need ...

 I have been having trouble sleeping...?
It has been going on for a while.
I know that stress makes it hard to sleep, but its summer for me.
I love being single, everything with family and friends is good!
I just don't ...

 I overdosed on a drug?
What do i do i overdosed on melatonin my mom gave me 3 instead of 2 like the pharmacist said I feel exhausted i haven't done anything even going up short steps is a hassle what should i do?

 I'm sick and I am reallly bored! Any ideas of what i can do?

 Will zoloft make me want to be around people?
I am thinking about starting to take zoloft. I have seen a doctor about it before, my problem is social anxiety. Whenever my roomates ask me if i want to go out, like tonight, I just cant get myself ...

 cutting scars excuses......?
I cut, I need excuses if someone sees ...

 Can a sinus infection make your teeth hurt?
The left side of my face aches! I have a major sinus infection and the whole left side of my face is hurting bad. It also feels like my teeth on the left side are tight. Like I need to bite something ...

 Is there a clinic where you get in and a doctor spends as much time with you as you agree is neccessary?
After seeing tens of doctors who are just spending enough time with me to ask me how I am, tell me they can not do anything about my problem and wave me goodbye I came to conclusion that what I have ...

 I'm 15 can I take aspirin? I heard if your young you can get this disease?

 who likes bathing in milk? i everyday bathe in milk.. in ma bathtub full of milk.. then i get drenched in..?

 which is the most common method for diagnosing cancer?
A) Blood test
B) Radiation
C) Surgery
D) B...


 First signs to look out for when Dehydrated?
My friend is purposefully dehydrating himself on purpose. He has not told me this but it is really obvious as whenever I offer him anything with liquids he say's he isnt thirsty. He has also ...

 Question for anyone who has had some kind of anemia?
I've been to a doctor way too many times and I'm not getting any good, solid answers. Does one simple blood test tell me if I have some form of anemia? I know there are different kinds. T...

 Why is one pupil bigger than the other?
I noticed this about one year ago...

please note my little drawing...O_o...my pupils pretty much look like that...

and ever since that year ago, I've been getting a lot of ...

Can Marijuana(THC) get into your system from second hand smoke?
I dont smoke.(period)
but see, i had went to the SmokeOut Concert and in the crowd of music lovers marijuana was in the air..big time.
im on probation, if i get drug tested, will it show up saying im dirty?

It can get in to your hair and if they test your hair it will come up dirty. but I don't believe that it can come up in your urine. (not sure)

only if they test your hair.

Yes you can inhale second hand smoke from any kind of cigarette smoke that you're around. If you knew that people were going to be smoking marijuana at the concert you probably shouldn't have gone.

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