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 if you smoke green tea, then an hour later take a Tylenol PM pill is it bad?
*Please no rude/dumb comments*...

 Based on your own family's experience, what do you think the pres. should do to improve health care in America?
yeah i ran out of charecters so i had to say ...

 Are there any good non-prescription support hose, that will help with arthritis in the hips and pelvic area?
Could anyone reccommend any good quality support pantyhose or tights, that help with arthritis in the hips and pelvic area. I am looking for something with a control-top, and that can also provide ...

 Heart stopped?
My friend is bulimic and anorexic, she has leukemia, and about 2 days ago her kidneys gave out and she was put on dialysis this morning she went into surgery and I got word that her heart had stopped....

 need advice on improving job attendance?
My job says if you miss a certain # of days, u have to write how you are going to improve on it. any ideas how? i have 10 occurances and to me, if your sick, your sick, but this is what they want. ...

 What is a DO?

Additional Details
As in John Smith, DO...

 Does anyone feel?
like you're too young to feel 85?
Additional Details
I am 34 and feel all of 85.. I'm not kidding.....

 Eye twitching?... never ending?
My eye wont stop twitching! for about two weeks now, how can i make it stop and what might be affecting it?...

 I sweat a lot for some odd reason?
I am very athletic and I work out a lot, but for some reason I sweat
more than the average person. When I don't work out I am fine except when I drink water.I drink about 8 bottles of ...

 exercise while in a cast?
I just had surgery on Friday to repair my achillies tendon. I need to do something to stay fit. I cannot drive for 3 months and cannot put any weight on the let either. This is going to be a very ...

 Does anyone know if you can get...?
a non prescription anti depressant style ..drug / anything? anything natural or something that invokes endorphin production?? anything to stop me feeling moody for Absolutely no reason at all!! plz ...

 Sometimes the blood in my arm goes all the way to my hand and my veins pop out and my arm feels very weird?
Sometimes, I don't know why, but the blood in my arm I guess rushes to my hand and my veins pop out and my arm feels very weird. But if I raise my arm in the air, it goes back to normal but if I ...

 Where can I find left-handed toilet paper?
This normal stuff just doesn't feel right in my left hand, and it's very ineffective. I have to just work and work and work and eventually give up....

 Should people who wish to stop others from buying euthanasia or assisted suicide, take responsibilty for them?
for the rest of their lives, since they have interfered and are forcing them to live, for their own voyeurism? At present they give a 'suicide is never an option' or 'you have ...

 Terrible Eyesight ! 20/180 Or -8?
I'm fourteen, and my eyesight is -8 i think that's like 20/180 or something.
And this was a while ago but i went temporarily blind for few seconds once... and it just seems lately my ...

 I am really ill but I can't get myself to go to sleep? what do i do?

 Health Insurance Information?
I am looking for information about health screening, fitness center amenities, self-improvement classes, and wellness programs that are all reimbursed by health insurance companies. I need your help ...

 Has anyone used Chantix to quit smoking?

 does sleep MD really work to put you to sleep?
I bought sleep MD and haven't taken it yet I was wondering if it really works to put you to sleep if you have insomnia.I have insomnia and It is because I worry alot and my mind is racing all ...

 Is it true that short naps (less than 20 mins) are better than longer naps during the day?

Natasha W
what would happen if you inject bleach into your veins ?
im not suicidal , just curious


you were prolife at birth right?
you die.

y would u ask that to people this makes you sound dumb. google it. you will die b.it.ch

Bleach is an anti-biological agent, it attacks organic compounds. If it were injected in to a blood stream, it would most likely destroy any sort of organic thing it came in contact with. Which is basically everything your made of. If you didn't get IMMEDIATE medical care, chances are you'll die. If it has a skull and cross bones on the bottle its not meant for ingestion or injection.

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