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it's not me melody!,,, good grief......

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Why do my teeth always hurt?
I always had great teeth, until I stopped having insurance two years ago, and could no longer see a dentist. Now, when I brush my teeth, my gums bleed a lot, then swell. After I brush/floss, my teeth feel loose, and the molars hurt when I press down on them. They feel fine when I haven't recently brushed, but they hurt after I brush, and bleed horribly. Why is this?
Additional Details
I'm not a smoker, and I keep a healthy diet. I have had a miscarriage, and have been tested for PCOS.

dosahyd f
Stop giving bjs...

You say they feel fine when you haven't recently brushed. By not recently, do you mean a few hours or a few days between brushing?

Are you a smoker? Usually the bleeding is from infections, but do not stop brushing...like most people do. To continue brushing and use mouth wash. It help kills bacteria that may not be removed during normal brushing. Check with local government agency that may help you in getting affordable health care. Prevention is always best when dealing with medical issues and not wait till the pain is throbbing and unbearable. In the end you will save more $$$. Hope this will help you find an answer.

Jyoti Sambare(Ayurveda Pura Ltd)
Hello there,

In the past I have had problems with gum bleeding. I used Sensodyne toothpaste. You will get this in any store (USA).
I used it continuously for a few months and the bleeding stopped. Its amazing trust me.

Then I stopped and my gums started bleeding again. SO I went back to it and it stopped again.

So you may want to use it for a few months.

Coming from a holistic background, for Ayurvedic Medicine, we use what is called as "Neem". Its really a tree and we use twigs from this tree to chew on it. This is the best way to keep your teeth healthy. If this sounds good let me know I will find out for you where you can get Neem toothpaste.

Hope you feel better and your gums stop bleeding.
Take care.

Jyoti Sambare

Ayurveda Pura Ltd.
PO Box - 771
Portsmouth, NH - 03802
United States of America
Tel: +1 (603) 531-9429
Email: jyoti.sambare@ayurvedapura.com
Website: http://www.ayurvedapura.com

well probably because you dont brush often enough or your eating habits are bad.

It depends on what kind of pain it is..throbbing? burning? aching? shooting pains? does it go from one kind to another? Is it from the time u wake up to the time you get to bed or does it act up after you have been up for awhile?....have you had any children or miscarriages? do yo u have odd periods?....answers to these questions would help me.

Tinker Bell
it sounds like periodontists, a step beyond gingivitis. i had it recently.
the hygienist took records of which tooth is at while level and then cleaned them very thoroughly. then gives u an option of buying this EXPENSIVE electrical tooth brush and some mouth wash and toothpaste, i bought the toothpaste and mouth wash, some doc's will give u this other prescriptions gel to put on ur teeth, but depends on the person you see. its been 4 months since this visit and my teeth are still sensitive sometimes, but is sooo much better.
sorry to say this, but get dental insurance back and go to the doc.
buy some sensitive toothpaste while u get the papers going, use salt water to rinse ur mouth so it will heal faster.
good luck

Buy that sensitive tooth paste. That's what the dentist will tell you. You do need to go though and let the dentist know this.

Hope you feel better,

Tess :)

That sounds pretty serious. You should see a dentist because it may be gum disease. Do you use Listerine?

Your first instinct is probably to not brush or floss as often, when in fact you should do it once more per day then you are doing it now.

That sounds like gum disease (gingivitis), and you should buy a mouthwash and use it and brush and floss religiously until you can get to a dentist.

u probably really need to see a dentist

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