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 I'm a stutterer.I feel inferior.Others make fun of me.I hate myself.How can i feel better?
I have been stuttering since i was 4 years old.I Didnt thought it was a big deal cuz i stutter only when im stressed.But now i cant stand it anymore and i feel so inferior and sensible.I get sick ...

 how do others handle living with fibromyalgia?
like what meds or what exercise works best?What kind of doctors or the best to use? How do you explain your situation?...

 I've recently found out a relative has been diagnosed with Dementia?
what does this mean for her & her family??
She has been prescribed drugs for now, but told to get her business in order..
Additional Details
Hi snizz, thanks.........

 How do you know if i child has it that has lot of health issues and can not speak?

 If I don't eat protein I feel like I am falling asleep, why?
I am a diabetic My eyes turn black under neath & I feel like I am going to fall to sleep unless I have protein...what causes this what is it all about...I can even eat a tbs. of peanut better &...

 How long does a hydroscan test for a gallbladder take and does it hurt?
by the way Is it specific for the Gallbladder OR does it show other issues ?...

 What causes autism?

 How is it possible to get a brain tumor if brain cells cant reproduce?
I'd understand if it was on the outer part of the brain, where the tissue might be able to slowly regenerate itself. But what about internal brain tumors? How do these occur?...

 Whats wrong with me?
Sometimes I'll be driving home from somewhere and I will forget where I am. Totally forget! It feels asthough i'm in a city i've never been to before. This does not happen that often ...

 Why is hard for people to donate kidney I've been on the waiting list for three years and still waiting. ?

 Is laughing in your sleep a danger? Its not from a funny dream. Its more like....?
My girlfriend will wake me up bc Im hysterically laughing in my sleep. I dont think Im dreaming because after Im awake I find myself struggling to stop laughing. Its as if I have no control and ...

 What Causes Insomnia?

 Can any1 with multiple sclerosis tell me what the first signs or symptoms are ?.?
i had this strange tingle feeling down the left side of my face about 3 years ago and when this happened my speach slurred.? . went for mri scan and got all clear.. then my eyes vision went funny and ...

 what are the causes of an infected pancreas?
my dad wen't to the E.R. yesterday night because of pain in the stomach. The doctors found an an infected pancres. He already has high cholesterol and lead in his blood. Today he wen't ...

 my eyelid trembles...?
....im sitting here and it trembles once in a while...WHY????...

 how come a person's skin sometimes get more pale due to certain illnesses?
how do those particular illnesses make the skin more pale?
and what are those particular illnesses?...

 22 yr old female diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in her knees, what can she expect from future?
Any chance to cure it? Remission? How quickly can it get really bad? Of course she is going to a rheumatologist but during the months she will be waiting for an appointment I would like a little ...

 My son developed severe tics when using Vyvanse and Focalin XR. I don't know what kind of ADD medicine to try!
He needed higher dosages for but the Dr. said his tics will worsen. Im afraid to try him other medicines b/c the tics are very severe. He did amazing on Vyvanse and no effect what so ever on Focalin. ...

 Why don't doctors/nurses like syringing blocked ears?
What harm can it do? I can't work it out. I thought it was just a bit of warm water being flushed in your ear canal....so what's the problem because it drives me mad when they refuse!...

 How hygenic are our hospitals in mumbai?

I am very worried about about going to any hospitals in the city. Even If I know a person that comes from the hospital, I try to keep distance from him thinking that I might get some ...

What drug smells like skunk?
I have a druggy neighbor below me and lately he has been smoking some type of drug. I suspect it's coke or crack but the best way for me to describe the smell is that of a skunk. I am not sure if it could also be meth? I am concerned b/c i have a toddler and do not want her to be exposed to it. Could the smell of drugs go into her blood stream and damage her health? I could not care less if a person chooses to do drugs and ruin their life but I do care when me and my two year old child have to breath it in. That's why i think drug users should just be shot. But any way the only description of the smell I have read on the internet is that it has a sweet smell. To me sweet smells like cake or flowers this smell is far from sweet. Thanks for your help

Concerned Mom

Is this neighbor in the same building (as in an apartment) or are you in different houses? It makes a difference. The closer you are to the smell, the more likely it can give symptoms (respiratory) to your toddler. I think I would be reporting my suspicions (anonymously to the police tip line) and see what happens. I would consider moving if you think there are drug activity going on before someone gets shot over a bad drug deal.

I dont blame u...i would call the police the next time u smelt it & let them figure it out.

indica sativa..... skunk weed.....marijuana.... leave your neighbor alone and go back to your scotch

If it smells skunk-y, my money says it's pot. Really good pot.

And first you don't care what this person does with their life and in next sentence, you think they should be shot. Which is it?

It sounds like your smelling marijuana. Those other drugs you are talking about tend to smell like ummm , similar to fresh paint or magic markers, it's hard to describe verbally. I work at a police dept. as a dispatcher and I've never smelled that "sweet" smell that you are talking about but i too have read that as a description of the drug. I do not think you need to worry about the fumes or the smoke getting into the baby's lungs if your neighbor is across the street. or next door. Not even if you are in an apartment and his apt. is near yours. It just does not really work that way. The precautions should just be the activity going on around your home and maybe report some suspicious activity to your local police dept. Chances are they will smell it and be able to act on it themselves. Good luck.
PS: all shot? that's a little extreme.

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