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 My nails have been ruined by fungers, what can i do to correct them? They look like they are rotten.?

 How come gargling with salt water cures sore throats?
I want to know why, it's just really interesting. I never had a sore throat in a while though.. In a long while.. But when I do get a sore throat, salt water helps alot, it goes away better than ...

 What problems have you encountered raising your child with sickle cell TRAIT?
I know sickle cell TRAIT is not nearly as concerning as actually having the disease, but my toddler's doctor mentioned that people with sickle cell trait have pain at high altitudes above 5,000 ...

 If AUTISM is genetically-linked how come it's on the rise?
I feel it must have a chemical/pollutant aspect to it, for if it were just a genetic trait it would remain at a constant, not increasing so much (1/150 babies now born with it).
Any opinions?...

I have a family member that has had alopecia for some time now and even tended to a physician for this issue. Nothing has helped. Do any of you all know anyone with long-term alopecia? Any success ...

 I was attacked by my sons mother boyfriend and tore the acl,lcl.and pcl and have to have a reconstructive knee
can i sue for loss wages and damages along with assets and home owners insurance and what kind of atorny would I ...

 What is the the difference between bulimia and anorexia?
I've always wondered, I didn't know much about the subject.
Additional Details
Haha, nope, never. I am most certainly not bulimic or anorexic, nor do I plan to be for I know it&...

 Doctors and Drugs?
My Doctor is more than happy to prescribe all the drugs one would want, but becomes quite up set if i take one glass of wine a month. What am I missing here Is there a war between the drug and ...

 When a baby is born with harlequin syndrome, what happens to the eyes?
Do they just leave them there as big blood clots or do they drain them and sew the lids together or do they go away on their own? What happens? And do these babies ever have vision?...

 Brealthing with pain???
Sometimes...When I breath...I'll get this real pain pain in my stomach lower gut area...Kinda hard to pen point it...Sometimes it hurts some much I have to stop breathing so it doesn't hurt ...

 Is my hypothyroidism causing sensitive eyes?
I was recently diagnosed hypothyroid and was wondering if that's why my eyes are soooo sensitive to light. I've had sensitive eyes since I was young. Have always had to wear sunglasses ...

 Does a blood clot cause a headache?
Adult male suffered a stroke in January. Not Ischemic... the other one... the kind where you throw clots.

Now gets frequent headaches (not excruciating) in the same spot at the same ...

 Is getting a disease at a younger age vital to the immune system?
Thanks in advance....

 Can you give me a "good and simple" explanation of what causes "Ringing in the Ear"?

 What are the characteristics of someone who dies from Swine Flu?
Do people who die from Swine Flu have weak immune systems? Do they have preexisting medical problems and take medication for those problems? Is Swine Flu similar to the 1918 Bird Flu strain that ...

 What could be wrong if my husband has cold hands and feet?
sometimes the feet are like ice, but he doesn't feel like they are cold

Could this be a circulation problem or is this normal for some people?...

 Today I found out I have SCOLIOSIS! please help =(?
Im 16 years old and my hips were not the same since I think 3 years... I always knew it but I thought it was natural! My one shoulder was a little higher than the other and I thought it was because ...

 what is causing my chest pain?
every now and then i get a sharp stabbing pain in my chest and at the exact same time i get the pains in my fingers, it like pulsates in my chest and finger at the same time. i checked webmd and ...

 Do I have a Chocolate illness?
Everytime I eat chocolate or something with chocolate in it, I get a headache. I don't think it's psychological because I'll forget I had eaten chocolate and then get a headache and ...

 please help: my gran had a stroke?
and im only 16. shes at the hospital and they are taking her for treatment. we only found out 2 hours ago and i am besides myself in what to do. i am physically sick and need some answers!!!

Can you still take tums or other antacids while on PROTONIX??
Dumb question I know, but currently I am taking protonix and every now and then I still feel liquid in the back of my throat and wondered if popping a couple of tums would help that and if it's even okay to take tums while on Protonix?
I feel it today due to missing my dose this morning, just wondering.. Thanks ♥

Meaghan H
You can take over the counter's while taking Protonix.

Call the pharmacy where you get the RX and ask the pharmacist. They usually know more than the doctor, I've found.

yes its 100% completely safe to take tums while on Protonix. i called my pharmisist and she verified it for me.
Good Luck☺☺♥♥♥♥♥

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