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 What does it mean when the whites of someone's eyes have a discoloration(not talking about pink-eye)?
Is it a lack of vitamins/malnutrition? Or is it a prelude to a bigger problem in the future?...

How do you know if a contact lens falls out or is 'stuck in your eye'?
I have soft contacts. i can't see the contact at all but i feel like there's something there when i try to grasp the contact. do you think it fell out? i just all of a sudden couldn't see and i assumed that it had just slid out of place like they do sometimes but i can't find it. what do i do? it doesn't hurt. it feels kind of like something's in it but i think it's recovering from my fingers digging in my eye earlier.

close the eye with the contact in (as in, the other one)
if it looks blurry, then it either slid out of place or fell out
usually what i do when my contact slides up (kinda hard to explain but easy to show..) is i squeeze my eyelid so it pops off my eye then move my eye around a but and wait for it to slide back into place
if that dont work after a few tries, then it proably fell out
if you blinked it out though, you'd feel it, i think.

Well if your contact has fallen out then you wouldn't be able to see clearly. I highly doubt it can get stuck to your eyeball only unless you have fallen asleep with it and it gets dry and then it'll stick (trust me I know, It happens to me when I fall asleep with my contacts) a few rewetting drops and it will loosen it right up.

ஜ Nurse of 20-10 ஜ
Look in front of a mirror as you touch your eye to see if you notice the contact on your eye ball....

If you don't...check your shirt to see if it fell on there then get on all fours and backtrack from the computer to where you went around the house till you first noticed it out/out of place.

Good luck

Jorge luis
if you feel something when you blink then the contact is stuck in your eye. if you see clearer from one eye than the other than your contact fell out.

A contact lens stuck in the eye is a very common problem. In such cases, the user is unable to get hold of the contact lens. The lens may get stuck in the cornea or may have slipped off the cornea.

Sometimes dryness of the eyes may cause the contact lens to get stuck. Eye dryness may result from wearing contacts for a very long period of time. Contact lens stuck in the eye can lead to pain, discomfort and tearing of the eye. The efforts to remove the lens can cause corneal abrasion, thus leading to pain.

Before trying to remove the stuck lens, thoroughly wash hands with soap and water and wipe them dry with a clean towel. Pull the eyelid down using the index finger and look upward. Touch the lower edge of the lens with the tip of the finger and try to slide the lens downward. One may use re-wetting drops to avoid the eye from becoming dry.

Read full article here

try wiggling it around, moving it around your eyeball a bit while looking in a mirror if possible. if it grips, then your eye is too dry and you should blink rapidly to moisten it. if you can touch your finger to your eye without flinching or getting any pain, then it's still in your eye.

hmm if it is.. just closeyour eye and lightly rub your eye lid and move your eye up and down while youre doing that...
dont freak out it happens to everyone.. you'll eventually find it!

Kaleb B
Hmm, well it almost never get's caught in your lower eye lid, if your upper eyelid feel somewhat lazy or if you get a feeling like you would if you pressed lightly on the top of your eye it could be up there, if you're really not feeling anything and you don't see something when lifting up your top eyelid, it probably fell out. I don't think it can get very far back, I've always been able to see it if I lifted up my eye lid, then I just have to kinda stick my eye in there and pull it down.


♥кιттєн ¢σт♥
Just leave it alone for a bit. Maybe its in your hair or on the ground. Try looking for it and if you still feel something in your eye, then ask your parent to help you out.

You are going to have to keep on touching and feeling your eyeball i have the same problems somtimes

Lina j.
Omg. Don't dig in your eye. Just push on your eyelid lightly and push around and you shld feel it move. also look at your eye and you should see the tint around your eye if it's there also..

contacts don't normally just fall out of your eye. it has probably slid out of place but since its transparent, its hard to find it. just look closely and take it out.

pull ya eye ball out and have a good look at it

Even though it may hurt a little or feel weird, you have to "dig around" you eye. check the sides first then lift up your eyelids to see if its in there. If not it probably fell out

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