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how can i tell if i am having a heart attack?
well i work manual labor tightenening pipe with big wrenches,using channel locks ,and both arms have been pretty painful. with that being sad my father died of a heart attack at fifty two. now i am scared that i will die too of one and have extreme panic attack about that situation as i have three loving kids to take care of. i have no insurance and have not been able to go to thedoctor in years and i worry about me having a heart attack and dieieng so could someone tell me what to look for i am 30 yrs old i weigh 275 over weight but really stocky any ease of ming will help

madame x
are your arms just tired? channel locks? what kind of pipe is this? not to tight I would say. your hands must really hurt. if your really worried, have your troponin checked at a hospital. soon, like real soon.

The Hidden Order
answers these

do you eat burgers
do you eat too much all the time
are you fat what is your height
does your left arm get numb
do you have shortness of breath
you are older than 30 so it can very much happen.

IF you don't have insurance for medical attention then you need to do what you can to decrease or risk factors. First loose the extra pounds, next if you smoke stop. next if you have high blood pressure take care of that. IF you have adult onset diabetic then take care of that ( happens alot with overweigt people) More active lifestyle. You don't have to be rich to take care of your self. Every extra pound you have means harder work for your heart even if there is no extra plaque build up in your arteries making a less effective pump meaning decreased life span.

Sounds like your arms are a result of your line of work.
However, due to your family history you should get a general check up by a physician.

Yes I know you don't have insurance but typically there is a health facility that gives free care. You can also pay on a sliding fee scale, this according to your income. You may not have any money at all and in that case, if you are real worried then go to an ER and they can NOT refuse care.

My mother died at 50 of Cardiac Arrest and I just turned 50 last week. I too have worrried about my demise as a result. However, there are many ways to NOT follow suit.

Today is different from when our parents died. There are many thing to prevent heart disease.

Things to look for re: a heart attack
Men and women are different but....
!, Chest heaviness
2. center chest pain.
3. Heartburn that can not be resolved.
4. Left arm pain
5. Heavy perspiration
6. Nausea
7. Jaw pain

Good luck

My brother started having heart attacks at 39, I had one at 44 but have not had any since. My brother had 6 heart attacks and then in 2002 had 5 bypasses. My Dad had 5 bypasses at age 69, he had had a slight heart attack earlier but thought it was indigestion. Then he started having his shoulder hurting and went to the Dr who told him it was bursitis and gave him a cortisone injection. A week later he called me and said he had to go back to the Dr his shoulder was still hurting. I asked him about the pain and he told me and I told him to tell his Dr to set him up an appointment with a heart Dr. Here come to find out he had 5 blockages. So to answer your question Glenda is right in the most obvious places to watch for but also the shoulder and mine started in my back. So if you have pain in your shoulder or back like you have never had before it could be a heart attack. The pain comes on suddenly and keeps getting worse and nothing you do helps then you need to call an ambulance. Don't try to drive in case it is a heart attack. Most ambulance services can run a EKG strip in your home and let you know if you are having a heart attack. Where I live, if the ambulance does not transport you they don't charge for checking you out. Check with your Emergency Medical System and see if they charge if they don't transport. Most don't. If you think you are having a heart attack you can call them to check you out.

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