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 Can anyone please guide me, wt does it say..? ECG!?
left atrial abnomality
abnormal left a axis deviation
rs transaction zone in weak leads dis placed to the left
left interior fascilcular block
Additional Details
I am ...

 how were heart attacks were treated in the past?

 How swollen do ankles need to get before it is a concern? I was told to watch them because of heart problems.?
i recently learned that i have heart problems. my ankles are half an inch larger than usual. i'm not sure how serious that is....

 what can you do when your heart hurts and it hurts to breathe? (literally, not some stupid break up thing)?
my sister is having really short breaths and says that her heart hurts. is that normal?...

 What happens when someone experiences a heart attack mid flight?
What is the degree of medical personal on a commercial airline? What can they do for you?
I read about a Sri Lankan woman who experienced a heart attack about 1 hr after taking off, the entire ...

 Has anyone had weird heart beats like this?
I am very over weight, I have the flu, earlier today I'd taken some cough medicine and then a sip of cold water and went to sit down.... my heart felt like it would when you get a missed heart ...

 Pace Maker?
How long is someone in the hospital after having one ...

 Heart Beating Fast after starting new medicition (Prilosec 20.6mg)?
Well like after i started taking Prilosec my heart has been beating fast when i do no activy..my mom is gonan call the doctor TOMMRAOW...this isnt normal and my left brest like on the upper part ...

 What is Pericarditis?
What cause pericarditis?...

 do i have high blood pressure?
had my blood pressure taken today and it was 133/94
is this good/bad...the doc didn't seem concerned at all

But I'm thinking its a lil high right????...

 why does my heart suddenly pound hard once and it makes it difficult to catch that one breath?
Its been going on for a couple months now but i can just be at home watching tv and out of no where i feel my heart pound so hard that it keeps me from catching the breath i was just about to take. I...

 Chest Pain Help 13 years old?
Hi im a girl 13 years old and for the past couple nights my chest has been hurting and i no it hasnt been heart burn but it is def. in the area of my heart. I took my heart beat and it was 65sec per ...

 how do u know if u have high blood pressure?
i am 14 yrs old and sometimes i have high blood prussre ( most of the times i dont )
the school nurse checks it between now and then

is their a feeling u get to know if i have one ?...

 my dads blood pressure has shot up to 170/100.?
my dad has high blood pressure, but it has just shot up to 170/100. his avg is round 130/90 but this is certainly higher than normal. i have read to take people with such pressure to receive ...

 Whats the question you ask people if there having a stroke?

 15 years old with blood pressure of 175/90?
Ok so I am 15 almost 16 years old and i had my bp measured and my heart rate taken today, and I had a BP of 175/90 and a heart rate of 145 bpm while calm! I know it's been high for a while and ...

 My Heart Feels Like Its Skipping A Beat?
Recently (like the past 2 weeks) my heart feels like its skipping a beat or it feels fluttery for a couple of seconds. It really freaks me out sometimes, then other times it isn't as bad.

 strange skipped heart beats...?
a few times a day, it seems like my heart 'skips' a beat. i can tell whenever this happens because after it skips the beat, it is always followed by a heavy pound right after. my heart then ...

 Is it possible that I have this condition?
hey guys.... Ive been doing quite a bit of research on this and I think I may have found what I have.

See, Ive been in and out of hospital a few times for check ups on my heart - I get a ...

 My brother is suffering from blood pressure.Yoga will help to cure?
My brother is suffering from blood pressure.
His blood pressure remain 110-140.
He is also taking stamlo-5 but blood pressure do not control.
I have heard about yoga.Is it will control ...

Why does your heart rate speed up after a hot bath?

You get too hot and probably getting up fast out of the tub a little too fast.. But hot baths are not for everybody... it can also really dry your skin out...

It speeds up because the warm bath water makes your blood warmer and opens your pours. Causing your body to lose blood into the pours and making your heart work harder to pump the blood.

Because a hot bath thins your blood. It can also make you dizzy too.

Agreeing with the student nurse, you can actually see the blood vessels dilate on the surface. It is the big vessels you can't see that have the big affect on your blood pressure dropping, making your heart beat faster to try to increase you cardiac output (how much blood is pumped out of the heart).

It's to try to cool your body down. The heat starts to cause your temperature to rise. The blood vessels in your body dilate (open up) so more blood can get to the surface. This also will cause your heart to beat faster as dilated blood vessels cause a drop in blood pressure. (This is the mechanism of how some blood pressure medicines work.) This drop in blood pressure is also why some people feel faint when taking a hot shower.

If you search carefully at public jacuzzi/saunas, you are likely to see this sign: "If you have heart disease, high blood pressure, or diabetes you should check with your doctor before using a hot tub." Why?

Initially, after immersion in hot dry air or water Jacuzzi, hot tub, hot bath, sauna), the blood vessels closest to the skin will dilate causing a drop in blood pressure and increase in heart rate. This is accompanied by constriction of the splanchic vessels (and thus less flow to the gut, slowing digestion). It was presumed that this constriction of the splanchnic vessels could include the vessels to the heart and the brain therefore increasing the possibility of heart attack (no evidence for this). It has also been suggested that the drop in blood pressure, or changes in heart rate due to the dilation of the skin or “resistance vessels” would be too much for patients to tolerate in certain cardiac conditions.

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