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 tension happen in brain and love is felt in heart,then why do people get heart attack when in tension and why?

 wat is angioplasty?

 Diagnositic tests for SVT please? Thank you.?

 Lipid test results! Help me understand please?
Hi I got my results from Kaiser can you help know what it means? Am I going to get like a heart attack or something?

Component Your Value

 how fast should my heart rate return to normal after a work out?
it generally stays above 105 for about 10 min no matter what i do jog or run and get it above 170.... then it lingers around 80...

im 19
resting heart rate in in the high 50's to ...

 which is better vitamin c, sodium ascorbate or calcium ascorbate?
i went to healthy options store, looking for sodium ascorbate, however the sales assistant replied that they dont carry sodium ascorbate only calcium ascorbate,and besides according to the sales ...

 Has anyone ever heard of....?
A procedure called Apherisis???...

 Please I need advice. I'm 22 years old male and I think I have sinus arrythmias :(?
Please I need advice. I'm 22 years old male and I think I have sinus arrythmias . When I take a deep breath my heart increase beating rate and when I breath out it slows down. Usually I have ...

 Right after I eat lunch or dinner, My heart beat increase it begins to skip. What could be causing this?

 Are those electric ab belts safe to use with a Defibrillator?

 why heart stroke happens ?

 What is this chest.. or heart discomfort?
I dont know if it is anxiety.. but there is this discomfort in my chest/ heart. I keep worrying and i get constant headaches.. is there something wrong with me? Sometimes i can't really breathe ...

 How many stages are their in Congestive heart failure?
age 87...

 anything wrong with me??
i've just found out my blood pressure is 53, which is apparently very low, but it was just at a school open evening so nothing else was said.
Is this particually low, if so what does this ...

 does anyone here have mitral valve prolapse as me?
i dscovered this accidently a year ago , when i developed mild health problems as papitation, and anxiety, then i performed echo on my heart and i discovered it
i know about 10% of the ...

 My heartrate is 80-90 beats per minute at rest, and...?
I'm sometimes light headed, short of breath, and dizzy. I am breastfeeding my baby (13 weeks post pardum). I have gone into the doctor for these symptoms before (minus the high heart beat rate)...

 What happens if you smoke paper when you have a heart murmur?

 when you are brought into the hospital because of a car accident, what blood tests do they do on you and what?
do the results show? please be specific so i can understand the tests. ...

 whats the answer to #49 on the vision test?

 OK! guys interesting doctors and paramedics?
Do we think by brain? or by heart? we all say I love you from the bottom of my heart, or has science not advanced till yet to understand it? well you are free at will to answer on spiritual or ...

What kind of life can a person live with only 20% of their heart functioning properly?

A great one, as long as they have medical supervision and an okay with their doctos on doing normal activities, they'll still be able to have a great safe life as long as they don't get depressed and pessimistic.

Donna B.
There will be restrictions and difficulties and probably alot of frustrations. They will need some assistance with activities of daily living which can be hard to accept.They must be adaptable to their declining health because getting angry will accomplish nothing. There will be life style changes and with hope a satisfing life,

Quasi Moto
I'm buzzing along at 22%. It's been lower, had one report at 12%. I had some rough times to begin with but I got over it. You do have to take care of yourself and get a lot of rest.

The website attached is the best source of information I have found.

e-mail me if you have questions.

PS. Get used to the idea that a batch of nachos can put you in ICU- sodium. (Been there)

My grandmother has been living with 20% of the normal heart capacity for 25 years. She was diagnosed when she was 48, after a heart attack. She has to avoid strenuous physical activity like running, jumping, and dancing, and she has to be monitored once a month, but other than that, her life is pretty normal.
Her doctor told her that it helped a lot that she was slim. Not being obese or overweight improves the quality of life, since there is no additional strain on the heart.

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