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MY HEART stops beating or feels like it skips a beat?
My chest will get tight and so will my throat and my body will tingle for a second. Why is this? It started the day after I tried ecstacy. I know ecstacy is dumb and it's bad for you. I only tried it once so I don't need to get lectures of how stupid I am. But my heart worries me everytime I get that feeling and it happens like everyday.

It's possible that you could have damaged your heart. You said you get a tight chest and your body tingles before it happens? These are not the usual anxiety symptoms.

I suffer with anxiety. My anxiety is paranoia that my heart will give in. I do get skipped beats a lot and like today, my HR is elevated. I also get pains all over. In my chest, back etc. But they are usually short lived.

I've never had what you have experienced though. If the same thing happens every time you get these episodes it's likely to be either a neurological issue, or a physical issue with the heart or arteries.

Go see a doctor, or go to ER. I don't want to scare you or anything like that, it's likely to be nothing. But, a 1 hour wait in ER will get you seen quickly and you can put your mind at rest. If it is something more than anxiety then at least you got to it before any serious harm was caused and you can begin to control it.

There are people all over the world that do cocaine and ecstasy and end up having a heart attack whilst doing those drugs.

I think the ecstasy defiantly had a part to play in how you are feeling. Because ecstasy effects the brain you may have cause neurological damage.

Please delete the answers from the others in here who from what I've read, have no actual knowledge of ecstacy. It does not CAUSE heart conditions. The only place ecstacy can (still NOT PROVEN) harm someone is in the brain. Specifically the serotonin transmitters. Real ecstacy: Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA), works by making your brain secrete a HUGE amount of serotonin. Then it blocks reabsorption of TRYPTOPHAN, which is the first presursor to serotonin. So to give you the exact process, tryptophan is converted into 5 - htp and then into serotonin. So by blocking that reabsorption of tryptophan, it basically stops serotonin from being created from tryptophan for a few days. That's where the "DEPRESSION" comes from.

To actually answer why your heart may be unhealthy. You A. Had a pre-existing condition that basically was increased by the stimulant you took. B. You didn't take any real ecstacy (This is true 99 percent of the time), and this is why you should be concerned. Basically lets put it this way, there are few ecstacy labs that ever make it to the final stages of manufacture. This is because usually they are amateur clandestrine chemists that don't actually know what they are doing.

Anyways you COULD be allergic to any of the different chemicals that were in the "ecstacy" tablet you took. Many chemicals from lye (drain cleaner), cocaine, meth, caffiene, PMA, dex, GHB, etc. The best thing for you to do is to go to your family physician. They will listen to your heart. Coming on here will only result in answers from people looking to scare you, as you can see from the others.

Anyone who tells you that you hurt your heart from ecstacy is wrong. Hopefully this helps you. And trying ecstacy isn't stupid, it's experimentation. Sometimes trying something answers more questions then reading about it. Have fun in life, but do research to be safe.

Your symptoms are due to Extrasystole aka Ectopic Beats. Read on...

# Ectopic heartbeat is an irregularity of the heart rate and heart rhythm involving extra or skipped heartbeats.

# Ectopic heartbeats are small variations in an otherwise normal heartbeat that causes an irregular pulse. They may occur without an obvious cause and are usually harmless.

# Sometimes they are associated with chemical (electrolyte) problems in the blood, which need treatment. They can also happen with ischemia caused by a decrease in blood supply to the heart.

# Ectopic beats may be caused or made worse by excessive smoking, alcohol consumption, caffeine, certain medications such as stimulants, and some illicit drugs. This could be the cause in your case. Shun them.

# In adults, ectopic beats are common. Their causes should be investigated even if it turns out that no treatment is needed.

Though it may not be harmful, better to get checked up.

Ecstacy often triggers heart arrhythmias. The reason isn't usually clear, but its possible that you have always had a minor hear irregularity that was not apparent until now, or maybe there is now an imbalance in neurotransmitters that affect your heart. The problem made eventually fade away, but there's no way to predict what will happen next. It would be a good idea to see a cardiologist to get an evaluation of the problem. If you go to a cardiologist, be honest about the drugs.

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