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Blood pressure of 150/100?
Hi my fiance has got his blood pressure taken for the third time now over a 3 weeks period. The first time it was 150/100 the 2nd time it was 140/100 and today it was 150/100 again. The doc has now started him on tablets. Was this a very high reading? And if so, will he have to take these tablets for life? By the way he is 32yrs. old

The One
The 140 Systolic is ok for his age the 100 diastolic is high should be about 70 to 80 so its not to bad tablets should control it and it wont be for ever

The doc has done the correct thing in measuring BP on three seperate occasions and as it is still above the 'magic' figure of 130/90 then it would be benificial for his health if his blood pressure were to be reduced.
The advantages of reducing blood pressure such as this include preventing heart problems (like heart attacks, angina etc), preventing kidney damage (which can lead to someone eventually needing kidney dialysis) and strokes to name a few.

The good news is that these tablets are the least effective way to reduce blood pressure and the best things that can be done are all things you can do yourself.
With the self measures he may be able to stop taking tablets eventually depending on his response.

First you say he takes excercise which is great, this should get your heart pumping for about an hour 3 times a week. He should also maintain a sensible weight (BMI of 20-25) and some even go as far as to say that a BMI under 23 is best. Paying attantion to diet is also good making sure he eats lots of fruit and veg, cut back on fatty foods and alcohol. Smoking is also a HUGE factor and if he smokes the he should stop as this has a huge effect on health. He should also look at factors that are stressfull in his life such as a stressfull job.

Good luck to him, he will really reap the benifits of all the things he can do himself to reduce blood pressure.

13th Floor
Yes this is too high. He 'might' need to take medication for the rest of his life, but there are some factors to consider. Is he sedentary without much activity? Is he overweight? If he is either or both, starting an exercise and healthy diet program may get it low enough to discontinue meds. I say 'may' because there are people who are active and thin but still have primary hypertension. Oftentimes, though, becoming physically fit will improve the blood pressure profile.
Worth a try.

That is a high reading, yes. 120/80 is average, and 100-135/60-90 is the healthy range. If he is running high all the time, try to have him eat healthier - less salt, less red meat, less junk food. It's probably a good idea for him to have an EKG to further investigate what is going on with his heart.
He might have to take the tablets for life, if he is diagnosed with hypertension.

He is at the top level of primary hypertension , any higher and it will really become a problem with full blown hypertension, chances are he will be on medication for the rest of his life. I have it too so I know a little about it.

I would first question the indication for tablets based on just three BP readings! Nowadays, for an accurate analysis of blood pressure, your Boyfriend needs 24 hour BP monitoring to reduce the white coat effect and to get a better overall picture.150/100 is high and is within treatment range for some people. Optimal BP is <120/80

Once you start Blood pressure medication, yes, you are generally on them for life. Your boyfriend could try making lifestyle changes and see if that helps. Tell him to lose weight if needed, exercise and reduce sodium intake in the diet. This is the general speech we give out.

Other than that, there is nothing much else that can be done. It's just one of those things sometimes. But poorly or undiagnosed hypertension is a major risk factor for cardiovascular events later in life- it's good it's been identified now.

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