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will i take a shot of insulin when my blood sugar is below 70mg/dl?
my blood sugar level early this morning (before breakfast) was 61mg/dl. it's way below the normal range w/c is 80-120mg/dl... I didn't feel anything though. But i was undecided if i should take my insulin shot scheduled 15 minutes before breakfast with 12 units. Will i give myself a shot or not?

Your goal is to keep your glucose levels with the range of 80 - 120. If you are on insulin then it's because your test results are usually high, beyond 80 - 120 and the insulin helps reduce the glucose level closer to 80 - 120 depending on your required dosage established with the help of your doctor. If you are below that range you need to increase you glucose levels closer to the 80 - 120 range. You increase you glucose intake. Orange juice is one method. Again your doctor will recommend how much orange juice works for you.

Best Wishes

Hi Grace,

This is my first time answering a Yahoo question, but to me it's a simple answer... Assuming your target BS = 100, then you were 100-61 = 39 mg/DL below your target. If 1g of CHO (Carbohydrate) raised your BS by 4 points, then you would need to eat 39/4= 10g of CHO w/o insulin in order to RAISE YOUR BS to proper target level.

At this point, you could eat your breakfast AND take your 12units and if the dosage was correct, you should be at 100mg/DL (where you started) 2 hours after you finish eating (known as "post-prandial" blood sugar test).

If I were at 61mg/dl before a meal, then I would drink 1/3-1/2 glass of fresh Orange juice, then start eating breakfast. After about 10-15 minutes, I would THEN take my "pre-breakfast" insulin shot (12 units?).

THE TIMING IS IMPORTANT, since your "normal routine" assumes that you are at your "target range" AT THE TIME you take your insulin. If your BS=61 and you take more insulin, then your BS is nearly guaranteed to drop LOWER. If you got distracted or failed to eat something within 5-10 min then you risk going hypoglycemic, passing out, and entering comatose state since you've got 12units of fresh insulin "on board". BAD news. All of this can happen in 10-30 minutes depending upon the type of insulin you take.

By eating first, and THEN taking your insulin, at least you've given your body a head start digesting the food. Depending upon the type of breakfast you eat, it may take 30-60 minutes to get into your blood stream and raise your BS (thus the OJ suggestion). 1/3 cup of fresh OJ is roughly 10g of FAST acting Carbohydrates. My guess is OJ would raise BS from 61 -> 100 in approx. 5 minutes. To be on safe-side, I'd drink 1/2 cup of OJ because I'd rather be slightly higher than target than slightly lower than target.

BTW, all of the calculations above were based on values for an "average male adult". Actual numbers should be known per each diabetic and may vary slightly from those used in the above example.
Of course all of this should be discussed with your doctor, etc.

Hassan Hassan
GRACE its about ur health please take good care of ur health please DONT TAKE ANY SHOT OF INSULIN.
if u have 80-120 mg/dl its ideal for ideal height to weight ratio with male for female its a 80-150mg/dl for ideal for ideal height to weight ratio in female.
and please visit good doctor for ur insulin and please take insulin's units according to ur blood sugar lever.
good luck

good luck please if u like my answer choice best answer.

even if you dont feel low. 61 is to low and should be treated accordingly. since you are still going to eat your breakfast i would take your insulin but i would not take the whole dose.

you can test your sugar 3 hours after you eat (which is when your insulin peaks) if your sugar is to high then, you can correct it then

good luck!

Never take insulin if your blood sugar is below 70! I have an insulin pump and it won't even allow me to give myself insulin if I am below 70. It says "treat low BG first and retest". Good advice to follow!


when your sugar is low giving insulin will lower it even more..insulin lowers blood surgar.

so how do you get it back up???...drink something high in surgar... like organge juice. the reason i say drink and not eat is because it will enter your system much faster than eating something.

If you are feeling a bit giddy take a cup of orange juice or a can of coke. There is no need to take a shot of insulin.

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