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a person who has questians!
Why does putting a used tea-bag on teeth that were pulled stop the bleeding? i dont get it. i am right now.?
plzplzpzlzplzpzl i had got my teeth pulled i think earlier thins morning......say around 8:30-9..........and it is still kinda bleeding.......i am taking medacation.......one is hot pink....one is a white circle......and 1 is knida small and white......i got stiches the desolveable kind the 4 bottom front......on the right the the tooth next to them...........it is moved back.....help?!?!?!?!? plzplzplzplzplzplz

if you are using the tea bags and they are working then what do you want us to say to you=

I'm not sure why either. Probably have to do with what's in the leaves. Heard that tabacco will stop bleeding from cuts fast also. But I would just keep biting on the little cotton rolls and take the meds that your dentist prescribed. You'll be fine.

Dr. Albert, DDS, (USA)


Chemical compounds in the tea leaves constrict the blood vessels and slow or stop the bleeding.

katy 0406
It forms a small blood clot.

shashi s
you better use salt to brush your teeth.after every meal take a pinch of salt and clean your teeth ,bleeding will be stopped.dont forget to say thanks to me when your mouth bleeding will be stopped. massage your gums with your fingers also every morning. eat simple diet as our food also eefects our gums.i m sure this will help you a lot.

If bleeding persists after a few hours, a moistened teabag placed between the wounds can help. Tannic acid in the tea will help stop any bleeding.

Information was about half way down the page.

Paul P
The tannic acid in the tea helps the blood to clot.

The tannic acid of the tea-bag is a mild coagulant so it stops bleeding and is slightly astringent and it is also slightly bactericidal. The 'hot pink' is probably erythromycin...an antibiotic, the other is probably a pain reliever. I am sure your oral surgeon would have explained all of this, if you had asked.

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