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 how much do braces cost?
im age 16 and have no money to afford braces. i was wondering how much they cost. can i get insurance or something?...

 How do braces fix an overbite?
I don't have a hideous overbite but my upper teeth are jutting forward so it looks kind of strange for my face. I got braces last summer and had two of my upper molars removed. My teeth are now ...

 Help!!! Sunken cheek after wisdom tooth removal :(?
I had a wisdom tooth removed from my upper left jaw.
where the tooth used to be, and the cheek that covered where it used to be, is sunk in now :(
My cheeks (and face) no longer looks ...

 I'm having all four wisdom teeth removed?
First off I'm 16 years of age, a female, and I'm having all of my wisdom teeth taken out sometime in the next month. I'm very nervous about the whole thing. I've tried to do some ...

 My tongue is yellow after I brush my teeth?
I bought a new whitening toothpaste about a week ago, and I just started using it like 3 nights ago... tonight when I brushed my teeth my tongue was like a pale yellow/ white, and it faded a little ...

 People who have had braces please?
I need braces and I've heard that they hurt A LOT.
Im 12 and have really jacked up teeth and I also need spacers....

 Should I go see dentist for TMJ?
Is it something I should go to the dentist for or should I not? Because I don't feel as though the dentist could do anything unless you have it severely and then that's when you get ...

 Do you see a lot of blood as a Dental hygienist?
Please help! thank ...

 dental cavity..help please?
i have a tendency towards dental cavity.i brush my teeth twice daily(right after the night meal & after the wake up in the morning).but i can't protect my teeth from having cavities......

 What color braces should i get?
HI i'm getting braces in two weeks and i don't know what color to get . I was thinking light pink but does that go like orangy if you eat somethin like spagetti ? What is the most popular ...

 I am having a tooth out with sedation on tuesday.....?
I am having a tooth out with sedation on tuesday and was wondering if i have to stop eating before or can i carry on eating as normal?

Thanks in advance
Additional Details

 Can any dentists help me? I need to ask a few questions. or at least someone who would know about xrays?
I need to ask these questions,


The Worker—

•What is a basic job description for that person?

•Find out how the workers protect themselves ...

 how to make your teeth crooked so you get braces?
I want braces but dont need them please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

 I have another Braces and Kiss question!?
So i already have top braces and this week i am getting my bottoms and im going to see my boyfriend before he leaves and i wanted to kiss him and i read things that you have to wait a month before ...

 Is there any way to make the numbness of a shot in your mouth go away?
And does anyone know how long the numbness lasts. I got two shots on the right side of my mouth. Top and bottom....

 Root canal i am scared any advice for a 12 year old?
I am soooooooooooooooo scared i really hate injections
Additional Details
thanks 4 all the answers will let u knw what happens the days are the 7 and 14 th of july thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

 Why does the US government poison us with flouridated drining water??
flouride is a toxic poison which causes cancer and arthritis

it isnt even proven to help prevent tooth decay since NO other countries flouridate water but their tooth decay levels are on ...

 do braces hurt ?

 Suggestions after getting Wisdom Teeth out?
I am scheduled to have my Wisdom Teeth removed (all 4) on Wednesday. I am not so nervous about the procedure, but the afterwards care.

Can someone please advise me on the following:

 How to make the gums in your mouth stronger and not easily bleed? when i brush my gums, it bleeds alot?
i've been flossing everyday for a good 6 months and my gums still seem weak and bleeds alot..

sometimes when i brush my teeth, the bristles from the toothbrush causes my upper gums ...

Austin R
What should I do if nearly all of my teeth are bad/have cavities?
For years my teeth have been deteriorating at a rapid pace, and I just don't know what to do to stop it anymore. I brush, floss, and the cavities just get bigger. I've got at least one on every tooth, and it's almost to the point where the molars are going to be structurally weakened soon because they're so big.

When I was a child I was never really encouraged to brush my teeth all that much, so I never really started on a regular basis until a couple of years ago. Now it seems like its too late. My old dentist has asked me more than once if I'm doing any kind of meth. (I'm not)

So, I've heard about implants and transplants and bridges, but I really think I might just have weak teeth. Are implants the only way to go? (Besides dentures, that just sounds terrible at 19. =( ) What are some other options, how much do they cost?

knock all your teeeth out and go get some grilllz

It's quite easy, just stop smokimg meth....
No for real, that is aomething that isn't funny. Basically about all you can do is have them all pulled and get dentures. Cavities are actully where the tooth has rotted, and tyhe only way to fix it is to drill out the decayed part and have it filled. Since they are just about on every tooth that would be somewhat impractical. If you don;t have them drilled out they will continue to "grow". Sorry to say but it would be best just to get the dentures. Nothing else will stop the cavities from growing, unless you get them all filled.

Find a new dentist. One that specializes in adult teeth. They should be able to show you the latest techniques. Cost will depend on what you decide to do.

ash 7
start the damage control now.

for those still within control, ask the dentist to do fillings. should start with the more serious ones then move to do the less serious ones.

repeat the process for a couple of weeks, till the fillings are done on all necessary teeth.

for those that are damaged at the roots, you'll need to do root canal treatment.

for those that beyond repair, you'll lose your tooth and do implants (they are expensive), so ask the dentist what options you can have.

trust me, do it now.

Teeth dont' just decay for no reason. You need to find out what the cause of this is if you want to rectify the situation. These are the things that you should be looking at:

1. Are you brushing and flossing effectively?

Just because you are brushing and flossing doesn't mean you are doing it effectively

2. What is your diet like?

You need to have a close look at how much sugar is in your diet. Check for "hidden" sugar - read the labels of the things you are eating and drinking. The only drinks you should consume on a regular basis are water and milk.

3. Do you have a dry mouth?

Does your mouth feel really! dry in the morning. Do you drink alot of coffee or tea? Do you smoke? Are you on any medication that causes your saliva rate to be reduced?

You should really try to save your teeth as no matter what option you decide on (dentures or implants) they will never be the same as your own natural teeth.

You could always get porcelain veneers. I'm sure they cost a pretty penny, but they just cover up the teeth you have now and will not rot or change color I'm told... also regular visits to the dentist probably wouldn't hurt either. Your old dentist should have recommended some options instead of insulting your meth habit... that's none of his business. ;-)

You really need to consult a dentist about this, but I agree you need to find out what is causing this. I have brushed my teeth two times a day, once in the morning and once at night. I now have a water pic that helps get the stuff out of your teeth. I also have an electric toothbrush that I use on my gums, plus flossing. I go to bed and do the flossing, so I can take longer, because I am usually tired.

Sounds like you have gone far too long without good habits. You could start now, and also you might want to start on vitamins and calcium plus D & maybe magnesium too.

You will have to get the fillings taken care of, and it won't be inexpensive. I would put getting dentures on the bottom of the list, but you may have some kind of condition that is not going to get better, so you may have to do that.

You might want to go to your regular doctor and let them run some blood tests and see if you are off chemically, or have any vitamin defincies. If you drink soft drinks, stop or any kind of sugar type of drink, coffee is bad too for the looks of your teeth. After you get all the cavities filled, start on a very aggressive habit of taking care of you teeth before you get gum disease and then they have to start cutting.
Change your foods, if you have not been eating vegetables and nutritional foods, like fruits and high protein, like chicken, etc., then start. Let go of the junk food, and also any other things that you do that might be harming your teeth.
Bad teeth can affect your whole body and heart, so if it comes down to it, and you have to remove them, no one will know, if you have to get dentures. You are young, but do what you have to do. Good luck.

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