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 NEEDS HELP :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(..…
im 15, and recently every time ive been brushing/attempting to brush my teeth, my bottom and top gums always bleed, and i've noticed some of my gums are like dissapearing :( i am so scared that ...

 what's the best at home teeth whitener?
To save money, i got the generic brand of Listerine whitener, but it didn't do a great job. i'm guessing a strip would work better, give me a suggestion of a good one? my teeth aren'...

 Numbing Cream?
I need good numbing cream. Any recommends. I need it to last for at least 30 minutes....

 what could having the taste of metal in your mouth mean?
I have frequently had the taste of metal in my mouth, not even eating or drinking could subside it, untio I drank Smart Water....

 Which is the best toothpaste?
Which types are best? And are there any brands or types that should be avoided in maintaining optimal dental health?...

 Best Teeth Whitening - Modern Ways To Get That Perfect Smile?
What are the best teeth whitening methods available today that are both affordable and effective?...

 Is there any way to make your teeth move faster into place with braces?

 wat are the best type of braces to get?
i heard about alot of different kinds but i want nice ones, i dont want the clear ones cause i already told my ortho no bcuz it takes a longer process but wat do u guys think are the best type of ...

 what is a kiss like with braces ?
yeah so im 13 and haven't had my first kiss yet : im getting my brace on in 2 weeks and just realised that my first kiss will probably be with braces on !! ( i have my braces for 2 year rs :S) ...

 Is 12 cavities terribly bad? And can my oral hygiene be saved?
I am 21 yrs old and I believe I have about 10-12 cavities. I have one tooth that began as a small hole about 3-4 yrs ago and the hole slowly got bigger. Most of my tooth is still intact though and I ...

 Swallowing fluoride. . . .?
Fluoride is found in toothpaste, and by accident I swallowed some. Like a spoonful.
On the back of the Colgate toothpaste thing, it says "Do now swallow, and if you do seek medical help or ...

 How would i make Money if i own my OWN CLINIC?
say im a hygienist in california and have my own clinic. how would i pay my dentists ? where does the money come from?
Additional Details
lets just say its in orange county CA...

 Do they call them "Thin Mints" because you get thin by eating them?

 Anybody who has had braces as an adult..?
my uncle is having his top 4 front teeth fixed at age 38...he's going for the 6 months braces...his problem is fairly large gaps and minor alignment issues...anybody out there with a similar ...

 Is drinking green tea bad for staining your teeth?

 why does my gum hurt?
well, i have a tooth and the bottom left at the back, the tooth isn't hurting but the gum around it is? i've looked at the tooth and its fine. when i push the gum it hurts? but not as bad ...

 what causes mouth ulcers?
i have been using listerine for days now im not sure if its my wisdom teeth coming down or just a mouth full of ulcers, the right side of my face is even swollen and i can not get into a dentist ...

 If you have a canker sore should you go to the dentist?
I have a canker sore in my mouth right now and tomorrow I have to go to the dentist...so should I go or let it heal first?...

 if we could go without ever eating or drinking would our teeth still need to be brushed?

 Why does my jaw keep on cracking ?
Not too long ago my little sister stepped on my jaw my jaw keeps on cracking. When it first happened i thought that i broke it because i couldn't open it; But it didn't hurt so i didn'...

My from tooth is chipped, can I sand it down myself?
It's a really minute chip. It left a jagged edge in the corner. I cant afford to go to the dentist right now. Should I use a sand paper nail file or a metal nail file?

You don't wanna do that, because it may be rough and cause damage to your lip or tongue.


If you really can't afford to go to the dentist then don't do anything. A chip is just an inconvenience that you can only make worse by trying to handle it yourself. Eventually it will get sanded down naturally by your tongue and saliva. Just leave it alone or find a way to make it to the dentist.

Don't do it yourself - you'll just make it worse. Save up for a dentist.

Look in the phonebook for an economical dentists - some will advertise "sliding scale" rates. This means the amount of your bill is dependent upon your income - someone with a large paycheck will be charged $$$$, while someone with a minimum wage paycheck will be charge less $.

In the meantime, keep your mouth extra-clean. Listerine, floss, brush after meals, the whole nine yards.

like the ocean needs the waves
How bad of a chip is it? I had a chip on my front tooth in the left corner (in between my front teeth) and by the time I had a chance to go to the dentist it was all smoothed out anyways. It wasn't a big chip though....
Perhaps you could call your dentist and see if it is neccesary to see them and ask them for some advice.

No, just go to the dentist.

Lindsay Jane
Neither you will make it worse.Save up as much as you can and go to the dentist.In the meantime clean your teeth a bit more often to stop plaque building up in the crevice.Use a mouthwash to kill any bacteria .

If it's a teeeeeeeeeeeeny tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiny chip, you may be able to get away with it... use a sandpaper file.

If you decide to go to the dentist, it will take less than 5 minutes for the tooth to be smoothed, and it shouldn't cost any more than the fee for an office visit.

Best of luck!


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