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I have one sorta behind my front bottom teeth.Almost under my tongue but still in my gum,not actually under my toungue.I hear out of place teeth need to be removed? I am planning to see a Dentist ...

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Additional Details
mine arefor dental absess and i hae misplaced the last 2 days worth. (silly i know)...

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 How to Stop Bleeding 60 Hours after tooth Extraction?
I also rinse with warm salt water, but i dont swish for fear of dislodging the socket
Additional Details
I had a tooth extraction 3 days ago and the hole is still bleeding. I ate only ...

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My mum is lammmme and not letting me bleach them.

How can I make them whiter, soon?...

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i know its around 7-14 days i just wanna be more precise. bc i dont want the gums to be infected yet i still wanna smoke over the break

and wat abt drinking, can u still drink. or will ...

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Dearest Yahoo Answerers,

Things are getting pretty bad these days and I'm considering ending it all.
I'm just lost my job 2 weeks ago and I'm about to lose my apartment....

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 ways to safely whiten teeth ?
i want to make my teeth whiter. theyre already pretty white; i brush my teeth with crest whitening plus scope toothpaste, and i rinse my mouth with listerine 2-in-1 whitening plus restoring fluoride ...

 Invisalign Braces?????
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 Help! Are my teeth gunna fall out?!?
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I know this is bad and I probably have done a ...

The woman
My 2 year old's breath stinks! What can I do?
I have no idea why, it's been like this since yesterday. I brush his teeth regularly, but with that toddler's tooth paste... which does not help the breath. What can I use?
Additional Details
Mind you he is 2 and still swallows the paste

Normal toothpaste- a small ammount (pea sized).

If he swallows the toothpaste you should absolutely NOT be using adult toothpaste. The adult formulation has a much higher fluoride content which could be toxic if large amounts are swallowed at such a young age.
Adult toothpastes should be used by all children from 5-6 years old and can be used on younger children if the benefit of the fluoride outweighs risk of fluoride toxicity but only if they can spit out. Thats why child formations were designed.
This will also prevent fluorosis in the adult dentition
Another tip is, not to get your child onto strawberry flavoured toothpastes as when you do want them to change to adult paste, it is very difficult to change them to using mint.
You need to visit the doctor. Very bad breath can be a sign of kidney liver or stomach problems.

I agree with the symptom thing. I could be a symptom of diabetes, hypoglycemia, or several other things.

Or, he could just be a stinky kid. (Most are!). It is worth observing him for other symptoms though.

Oh I wonder
If it keeps going on like this then you could take hime to the doctors because there is a condition where the smelly breath is a symptom. I suggest you brush the teeth and the tongu well and if it still smells then its obvious its coming from the stomach.

At 2 years old, you should be using regular toothpaste. I didn't know that either until my doctor told me off about it, haha.
Really bad breath can be a sign of something being wrong, tooth decay or perhaps a stomach upset of some sort. If it lasts for a while, you might want to call up the nurse line and ask about.
Is he drinking enough water? Sometimes when you aren't drinking enough it can lead to bad breath. Or if he keeps his mouth shut most of the time, it can cause more bad bacteria growth since no oxygen is getting in there.

Don't use toddlers toothpaste use something regular.

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