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 How long does it take to get braces/retainer/invisilign?
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 can taking immunosuppressants increase the likelihood of getting a dental abscess?

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 How long did you wear your braces?

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I already googled it- ...

If you go to the ER with a toothache?
What are they likely to do for it? I am 17 + weeks pregnant and the entire side of my mouth is killing me! Neither Tylenol nor heat are even beginnign to touch it.

me I guess
probabably send you away with a warning. idiot

since when was a toothache an emergency?

not much since you are preggers , (congrats on that by the way), All i can suggest is cold to dull the pain and heat to relax it away. then call your dentist and see if it needs pulled and take it from there. good luck.

your dentist is your best bet if you can get in right away. He is authorized (at least in Canada)to prescribe antibiotics and T3's. If it needs pulled he'll do that as well. If you have no dental coverage , then I guess the ER is the best bet. You can also try some oil of cloves to put on it and its available at the pharmacy


you may possibly need an antiobiotic such as penicillin and a low dose pain medication such as darvocet, providing you are not allergic to these. the best thing is to call your ob-gyn or regular dentist and have them treat your toothache.

They will probably give you an antibiotic and a codeine type pain reliever. They can also give you a shot right in the tooth that will immediately relieve the pain for about 10-12 hours. You should really get it taken care of at the ER immediately. If it hurts that bad, then you've most likely got an infection going on, and that's worse for the baby than a round of amoxicillin. The antibiotics will start clearing up the infection in about 48 hours, and then you'll be able to bare the pain without anything more than tylenol.

Use sensitive toothpaste.
The ER may not help ya unless your face is swollen.
Since u are pregnant, your best bet is natural home remedies.
Gargle with some olive oil and get an ice bottle on the face.
teabags work miracles too.
press or pinch the thumb at the tip may help

Yeah they ussually don't give you strong drugs when your pregnant. They will probablly give you a light pain killer or tell you to go see your dentist.

With your pregnancy, I'm not sure they will do anything with heavvy duty drugs. They may give you a local injection ... Novocain ... and have you stick with the Tylenol .. Don't over due the Tylenol please.

Call your local emergency room or outpatient clinic if you have one in your city/town and ask them if there is something that they can do ... and make sure you tell them about your pregnancy.

Good luck.

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