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 can any1 guess this place?
thosands of people with no teeth,lots of horible neddy people and they are always walking alone.{with their buckfast}...

 How to get rid of yellow teeth after braces are taken off?
I'm getting my braces off in January, but I've already noticed that the bottom of my teeth are slightly yellow. How can I get rid of this after I take my braces out, and is there a special ...

 What is a good natural teeth whitener?
My teeth have become very yellow from years of smoking and drinking cola. It there a good natural solution to help whitenen them back up again?...

 White Spots on your teeth?
whenever i wake up and it appears that i've slept with my mouth open white spots are on the tips of my bottom two teeth. they are embaressing.. but they fade away in a few hours but i hate them. ...

 How long will my friend need braces probably?
My friend has a tiny mouth and her teeth aren't so tiny so her teeth are really REALLY out of place she even has two sideways teeth some of her teeth are sticking back and some are sticking ...

 Does wearing braces make your teeth look bigger after you've taken them off?
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How long should I hold tooth paste in my mouth after brushing and should I then spit it out and then rinse my mouth out. ...

 Why can't I stop chewing my tongue?

 Does anyone know of a good yet reasonable dental/health insurance?

Additional Details
vhi or bupa
Nicola...What do the initials stand for?
Thank you for responding!...

 Do your teeth sometimes tickle?

 wisdom tooth removed?
I had it taken out a few days ago
and I am feeling sick , cant stop going to the toilet and am very swollen and sore

have to add though that I have irritable bowels brought on by ...

 NHS workers, do you feel appreciated?

 Did you know there is a vitamin you can take if you have a loose tooth and it will actually tighten back up?
This is true....

 what fruits dont have to much sugar in?
i just went to the dentist this morning and he says i have to much sugar and that i need to stop having lots and ive got to go back and get a filling tuesday afternoon....

 Am i old to get braces/ is it a turn off?
I'm 18 yrs old, going to college this year in fall, and i want to know if i get the metal braces, would it be a turn off? Am I to old for metal braces? I feel i'm going to be less ...

 Have you got it bad?
or have you got it good?
Additional Details
Health > Dental? I don't even want to know......

 why does baking soda whiten teeth?

 What is causing my gums to be swollen?
So my wisdom tooth is coming in on the top, but not on the bottom, and my bottom gum is becoming swollen?...

 Lumineers? Opinions from anybody who's got them?
Do any of you have Lumineers? Are they worth it? What's the average cost per tooth and do they cover all of your teeth or just the ones that show when you smile? Overall I just want to know if ...

 Teeth Whitening?
So how do you make your teeth whiter without getting them professionally done? And without buying kits or anything like that?...

I Broke my tooth what should I do?
I broke one of my teeth eating a Friendly ice cream cake about a month ago it didn't bother me much. then I ate a Dorito couple of days ago and the filling fell out and started to hurt alot. I looked in the mirror and the tooth that was supposably filled was decayed. How can it be Decayed when it was drilled and filled.I don't think that Dentist doesn't know what the Hell he's doing. Should I get it filled again by another Dentist it's down to the gum and it bleeds cause part of the tooth thats broken is sharp. Or should I get it pulled and get it overwith?.

NO,NO NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Don't get it pulled!!!!!!!!!Save the tooth!!!Go see a dentist!!!!You may need that tooth in the future!!!!!!!!!!Take care!!!Luck!

dont get it pulllleedddd
go to another dentistttt.. ask a friend/family memebr to tell u bouts a good dentist

It sounds like you may have had a cavity that you didn't notice and that weakened the tooth. That could be why part of it broke off when you were eating. The decay had probably already made it inside the tooth so when the filling fell out, you were looking at decay that had been there for awhile. I've had decay under fillings because of an unseen cavity on the back of a tooth that I never knew about.

I've broken about 5 or 6 teeth all because new cavities that I didn't deal with weakened/cracked my teeth and then the old fillings came loose and fell out. Some had decay inside the broken area, some didn't. Because I didn't go to the dentist, more pieces of the teeth began to break off. The area will turn bright white and then snap off at some point. One even broke while I was asleep. Unfortunately, I chose to have 3 of them pulled because I didn't have any money or insurance to pay for root canals, etc.. I was in too much pain to deal with it and it was causing migraines. My mom gave me some oxycontin and that was the only painkiller that dulled the pain. It was horrible.

I finally got insurance a few months ago and I just tried to save one broken tooth last week. They tried a root canal but ended up having to pull it anyway because the decay inside was already too bad and they didn't have enough of the tooth left to work with. I have one more broken tooth that needs to be fixed and I'm praying that they can save it. I've now lost 4 teeth because of this and I need to either pay for dental implants or hope my insurance covers bridgework.

Do whatever you can to save the tooth. If it's bad enough, you might need a root canal and a crown. It will definitely be more expensive than getting it pulled but it's worth it.

Redneck Woman
If I was you I'd just get it pulled out and be done with it. If it's broke that far down, it will probly cost a lot to try o save it, and what if it don't work and you lose it anyway?

Dr. Albert, DDS, (USA)

I've had a very similar experience few weeks ago. I had a tooth that had a filling and one time it fell out while I was eating gum. Then few weeks later it started to hurt a lot that sometimes even pain killers didn't help much. I think the nerve was exposed once the filling fell out and that was the reason behind my pain. So I went to my dentist to have it checked out and he told me that somehow the tooth was decaying from the inside so that's why the filling fell out. I'll mention that on the outside the tooth looked healthy but on the inside it wasn't. I 'm not sure how that happened but it looks like you might have the same problem. My doc also told me either to have a root canal done on my tooth or pull it out. The root canal would cost more than pulling out the tooth and it would also take more time (about 4 visits). Also, there wouldn't be any guarantees that it would be okay at the end. I think the success rate of root canals falls at about 70-80%. Instead, I decided to pull that tooth out and got an implant which is still pretty pricey but at least there's a higher rate of having a functioning tooth later on. I hope you'll find a good solution for yourself. Peace!

Get to a dentist as soon as possible... the more tooth that is salvagable the better chances you have of saving the tooth. The last thing you want to do is wait. Waiting will only cause more/worse pain and then it might have to be extracted because the cavity is too big. In the meantime, between now and seeing a dentist, brush the rest of your teeth like normal and use a warm salt water rinse to keep the tooth thats broken down as clean as you can. You always have many options so I suggest getting a couple of opinions on what your options are, especially if its too broken down to save. And remember, there are always lots of options....big filling, crown/cap the tooth (it might need a root canal if the cavity is in the nerve), and if it does need to be extracted there's the options of getting a bridge (to fill the space where the tooth was) or an implant. Look at all your options and look up info on the internet about implants if you have to get the tooth pulled. Good luck, keep brushing softly and flossing!!

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