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 Wet car and computer?
I live in a very humid area, and everytime I drive my car it smells like fungus or 'wet' ?? I am forced to keep it outside. Now I am sitting on the computer and I smell it again, it smells ...

 I have a sort of reaction, it happens over my body it just itches, and after i scratch it, it becomes swollen
Even my scalp itches, I went to the doctor and he said I have a reaction to fish(if I ate it) which I did I had sushi 2days earlier. He gave me some medicine, Benadryl and some other medicine that is ...

 What cells are most involved with an allergic reaction?
A) eosinophils, mast cells, and basophils
B) lymphocytes, basophils, monocytes
C) neutrophils, eosinophils, mast cells
D) monocytes, eosinophils, ...

 How do I know if I have allergies or just a cold? What's the difference?

 aluminum allergy?
On countless occasions when I use aluminum foil or soft drink cans, I swell up(usually on my lips and cheeks,sometimes under my eyes). Is is possible to be allergic to aluminum? I only have reactions ...

 Can you get used to cats if you start living with one and are allergic?

 Type "O" Blood Group allergies?
Is it true that people with different blood groups hv certain n specific allergies to certain food, fruits n drinks? TQ...

 Organic molasses. Im alergic to sulphur. If its unsulphured, is it free of the natural sulphur as well?
Im alergic to sulphur, and I recently brought a bottle of "Wholesome sweeteners organic molasses". It says unsulphured on the label, but the ingredients only say "organic molasses"...

 oral allergy syndrome?
i get oral allergy syndrome...but only sometimes.

other times, i can eat any fruit i want with no consequences.

it ALWAYS happens when i drink alcohol and eat berries...but ...

 allergic to silver necklace?
s it possible I am allergic to a silver necklace? I never wear small metal necklaces, but my bf bought me a pretty solid heart necklace from Tiffany's, but everytime I wear it my throught ...

 My eyes get Watery for no apparent reason! Please Help!?
Hey my eyes get watery at the most random times....i have 20/20 vison im not allergic to anything thing around me.. ..ill be talking to my friends and my eyes will egt really watery and my friends ...

 What should I take instead of Claritin? It is no longer working.?
I have always taken Claritin & found it to be effective, with no side effects. It has suddenly stopped working for me. What should I take instead?...

 Itching & Feeling of Bugs Crawling On Me?
Hello. I had my wisdom teeth pulled about two months ago and was given Vicodin for the pain. Soon after taking the Vicodin I started intching so bad that it kept me up. I called my doctor and he sai ...

 Does anybody know how to handle very dangerous allergies?
When I say dangerous I mean life threatening. The allergies I have are very serious you know....

 Itchy,watery,goopy,red eyes on my two year old !?
She had a mild temp for 3 days now the temp is gone but her eyes are red and watery they are seeping green stuff and shes rubbing them alot. She acts as if she feels ok but not great. Does anyone ...

 Does "Nut Free" peanut butters taste like peanut butter?
I've seen peanut butter that is nut free. It's made out of soy or peas. I have a tree nut allergy and I used to be able to peanuts but my allergy has become worse over the years so I stay ...

 OK I know this question is wierd But why can't i breath thru my nose?
I have always had to breath thru my mouth,
I never thought i had a problem until once I noticed that not every one does that....

 What would be the signs of a wheat alergy?
before having a test................

 what kind of syrup an what kind of Barr?
what kind of syrup do you use an what is th barr you put in the ...

 I use massage oil on my skin containing peanut oil, will this hurt a child who is allergic to peanuts?
I am a preschool teacher who just got a new child in my care with a peanut allergy. I was shocked to discover this morning that a new massage oil I bought contains peanut oil as it's first ...

Why are some people more affected by allergies than others?
So today, my allergies finally hit me. My eyes itch and are watering like crazy. However, none of my friends are experiencing it as bad as I am. Also, some of my friends don't feel affected at all. Why do allergies affect some people mroe than others, and some not at all?

people who tend to suffer with allergies a lot,is because their immune system is,nt as strong as it should be.If a person eats lots of fruit and vegetables and takes suppliments like vitimin C D E then this should help to build up their immune system.By the way, when you have really bad itchy eyes, place a couple of cold used teabags on them, you,ll soon experience lots of relief from this simple remedy lol

Queen of the Dust Mites
Allergy is a defect in the immune system. It is a chronic condition. It can be controlled but not cured. What happens is the immune system misidentifies harmless benign proteins as evil enemy invaders, it creates a human immunoglobulin E that in turn gets the mast cells to produce histamine. It is the histamine that makes you feel cruddy.
So, you see it is individual to each person that has this defect.
Your friends that have no reaction are not allergic to the things you are allergic to..or perhaps they have a functioning immune system that doesn't have this mis-identification problem.

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